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A video streaming web builder platform that gives you control over monetization for a successful online business.

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An Indonesian artist, globally recognized for his exceptional talent in creating 3D art paintings with pencils.


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Unleash the business potential hidden within your video content

Build a streaming website in seconds

Launch a website to sell your own online courses or movies streaming.

  • No programming skills needed
  • Highly affordable price
  • Create a unique web address
  • Customize the web name and logo
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Monetize your content faster than ever

No social media follower requirements

Anyone can start selling their video content.

Exclusive access for your loyal audience

Video content that can only be accessed after purchase.

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Find the best way to make money

Take control of your monetization model and pricing

Sell your content with subscription packages, rentals, or one-time payment at competitive prices.

Increase earnings through data-driven decisions

View graphical data related to the performance of your content to determine the right monetization strategy.

Build a supportive audience community for your content

Income from your loyal viewers gives you the opportunity to continue producing ad-free quality content.

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Boost your earnings and enhance profits


No content algorithm affecting your earnings.


Sell internationally for greater potential.


Various payment methods available for your audience.


Income can be withdrawn at any time.

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Mocaas Support Your Business

Everything you need for your business

Content Management

Manage your video content with ease. Decide who can access your content.

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Live Stream

Share your content directly and without limits with your audience anywhere, anytime.

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Flexibility in monetization that gives you the opportunity to earn more.

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Discover graphical data about your audience and content performance to optimize your business growth.

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Anyone can have a website to showcase their content. It's easier for your audience to find you with a custom domain.

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Various payment methods available for your audience, such as bank transfers, virtual accounts, and many more.


How much does it cost to use Mocaas?
Starting from $22 per month for the Beginner package, with a 5% commission on successful sales transactions. You can also try it for free for 14 days.
Can I use my own brand?
Yes, you can use your own brand attributes, including your logo, website name, social media links, and your own contact information.
Can I use my own domain?
Yes, you can use your own domain.
How do I receive payments?
When your audience makes purchases of the content you sell, the transaction balance will be credited to your Stripe balance and can be withdrawn afterward.
Do I retain copyright or ownership of my content?
Yes, all the content you upload to Mocaas remains your own property.
Where can the audience access my video streaming page?
If you register with Mocaas using the subdomain, you can directly share that link on your own social media, allowing your audience to access your video streaming page through that link.
Is my video content safe when uploaded to Mocaas?
Yes, your video content is guaranteed to be secure because it is protected using encryption that prevents unauthorized downloading or access.

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