New platform for creators to make money

Launch an on-demand video subscription website and sell content to your dedicated audience.

Take control and build your own video business

Whether it's selling online courses or building a movie streaming site like Netflix, the choice is yours.

Mocaas theme

Expand reach and grow your audience

Unlock your creative potential and get the support you deserve.

Content creators

Online courses


Turn passion into money, even while you sleep

Mix and match monetization models to find your winning combo, including subscriptions, one-time purchases, and rentals.

Mocaas monetization

No tech knowledge is required

Just upload the content, set pricing, and start selling.

Auto-adjust video quality

Powerful and stable audio

Analytics and real-time insights

Multilingual subtitles

Frequently asked questions

What is Mocaas?
Mocaas is a platform that allows you to launch your own video streaming website or OTT service and monetize it. With Mocaas, you have control over the look and monetization models of your website that works best for you. Whether you choose to offer subscriptions, one-time purchases, or rentals, the choice is yours.
Do I need to pay to use Mocaas?
It's free to get started and publish your content and website on Mocaas. However, in order to monetize your content, you will need to subscribe to a Mocaas plan.
How do I get paid?
After subscribing to a Mocaas plan, you can monetize your content. To accept payments from your audience, you will need to connect to a payment provider. Make sure to fill out your profile information, such as your ID and bank account, so that payments can be transferred to you. Mocaas will take a 3% commission on your revenue.
Will I own my content?
Yes, absolutely. You retain full ownership of the content you publish. After all, it’s your website. We just help you to build and manage it.